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Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes

Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes

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This 24 individually packaged sneaker wipe pack removes dirt and stains from leather, canvas, white sneakers, and more!

  • Dual-Textured Wipe 
  • Cleans all types of shoes 
  • Quick, easy, and travel-friendly 
  • No harsh chemicals
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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

The best wipes on the market. I love the dual sides on the wipes. One side is for scrubbing and the other is smooth. I always keep them in my purse or gym bag, this way my shoes are always fresh.

cody winters

They work as expected

Ralph Shamah
these wipes are great for a quick shoe clean!

I’ve tried the Jason markk and crep protect wipes for shoes and I have to say these seemed like a superior product. They texture and moisture of the wipes were great and got out some tough stains. I didn’t think they were going to be that good.

Beau T. Altman
Great for expensive shoes

My teenage sons love their Jordans and want them clean. These wipes helped them keep them clean! I wear typical dad-shoes so I don't get it, but it makes them happy!

Wipe out stains

This stuff works. I purchased a jersey marked down really cheap due to a stain. I bought and used the shoe cleaner wipes and boom! Stain were gone without any trace on the fabric.I also use them for my hats inside only but don’t overdue the wiping.