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Gold Standard Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray 6 Oz. - Citrus Burst

Gold Standard Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray 6 Oz. - Citrus Burst

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Knock Out Shoe Order with the Gold Standard!

Step into freshness with our Fresh Citrus Burst Shoe Deodorizer Spray. This natural shoe odor eliminator not only removes bad smells from your shoes ,but it leaves behind a long-lasting citrus scent that lasts. Embrace a splash of lemon with our extra-strength shoe odor spray, a powerhouse that's unmatched and not afraid to tackle the toughest odors.

The invigorating burst of citrus and tea tree oils not only combats foot odor, but also delivers a soothing and cooling sensation. Clinically tested and formulated with natural and safe ingredients, you can use our product with the confidence that it's as tough on odors, as it is safe. 

Our long-lasting shoe spray deodorizer doesn't just cover those unwanted odors from stinky shoes, it eliminates them at their source and prevents their return, ensuring your sneakers, boots, and even your workout shoes stay odor-free. Moreover, the multi-use capabilities mean you get more value from each bottle. Use it as a spray for shoes odor, smelly shoes odor remover, athletic shoe deodorizer, sport odor eliminator, or to refresh your gym bag, backpack, or pet bed. And remember, with our concentrated formula, a little truly goes a long way.

Say goodbye to smelly shoes and hello to long-lasting freshness. Whether you're gearing up for an intense workout in your athletic shoes or stepping out casually in your favorite pair, trust our shoe spray deodorizer to keep your shoe smell staying fresh and odor-free. Take the first step towards fresher shoes!

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