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GOLD STANDARD launched in 2018 with the mission to provide the best premium shoe care on the market.

We’re sneakerheads.

We love a nice pair of kicks.

We remember the excitement of purchasing new sneakers as a kid and showing them off at school. (Heck, we still get excited.)

We remember spending countless hours cleaning our sneakers so they looked fresh out of the box.

We remember the pride every time we looked over at our shoes laying on the floor and thinking, “Damn. Those are tight.”

And we know you love sneakers too.

GOLD STANDARD was created so sneakerheads like you and I can keep the shoes we love and use around for a long time.


Do you feel drawn to our philosophy and would you like to join us? Do you have a shoe collection that will blow our mind? Do you want to try our products for FREE and share your experience with your followers? 

If you said yes, to all of the questions above, then simply contact us @goldstandardapproved on Instagram and leave a little message on why you think you should be an ambassador.
If your profile fits with our brand we will get back to you as soon as possible
We look forward to your submission.