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Premium Soft Bristle Shoe Cleaning Brush

Our Premium Hog Hair Brush provides a deep clean on delicate materials without causing damage. 

  • Soft-Bristle: Most popular brush that works great on delicate shoes materials, but strong and durable enough to get tough stains out.
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Prep Your Brush

Pull out your hog hair brush and find a place to work. For easier cleanup later, lay down some paper towels or a towel. Add generous amount of solution to the brush, then dip your brush in water.

Scrub Your Shoes

Scrub gently using circular motions on every surface of your shoe. Apply more solution to your brush and dip into water as needed to clean especially dirty spots. More bubble, less troubles. For delicate fabrics such as mesh and lace, scrub gently.

Wipe, Dry, Get Hyped

Wipe down the surface of your shoes with a clean cloth or paper towel. Set your shoes out to dry. Pick out your outfit and get ready to turn heads.

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