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Gold Standard Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray 6 Oz. - Fresh Peppermint
Knock Out Shoe Order with the Gold Standard!

Step into freshness with your new Gold Standard Shoe Deodorizer Spray – a natural shoe odor eliminator that removes bad smells from your shoes and leaves behind a long-lasting, refreshing peppermint scent. A powerhouse that's unmatched and not afraid to tackle the toughest odors. With our concentrated formula, a little truly goes a long way.

The refreshing burst of peppermint and tea tree oils every time you spray shoe deodorizer not only combats foot odor, but also delivers a soothing and cooling sensation. Formulated with natural and safe ingredients, you can use our product with the confidence that it's as tough on odors, as it is safe. Say goodbye to smelly shoes and hello to long-lasting freshness.
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