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5 oz. Premium Sneaker Protector Spray

5 oz. Premium Sneaker Protector Spray

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Keep your shoes minty, crispy, and clean with your sneaker protector spray. Spray on a few coats and watch your shoes shake off dirt like never before. Enjoy 5 oz. of sneaker protector spray, 25% more than our old can. Protect all your shoes with fewer cans of spray, while spending less time reordering and waiting for packages.

Shake the can and spray your shoe—it’s that simple.

  • Easy Application
  • Fast Drying
  • Safe for most shoes

Will it work on my shoes?
Your Gold Standard protector spray is safe for almost any shoe. Use your water resistant spray for shoes made of leather, canvas, and suede. Always test a small spot on your shoe before applying a full coat.

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  • Prep Your Shoe

    For optimum results, spray your shoes as soon as you get them. If you’ve already worn your shoes, start with cleaning off any dirt or debris. Use Gold Standard Shoe Cleaner for deep cleaning and stain removal. After cleaning, let your shoes dry completely.

  • Apply and Dry

    In a well-ventilated area, shake your can and apply a thin coat of water repellent spray. Hold the can about 8 in. from the shoe. Let your base coat dry for about 15 minutes. Apply another thin coat and let dry overnight for ideal results.

  • Repeat as Needed

    Keep your kicks crispy by applying protector spray at least once a month. Apply a fresh coat anytime you notice your shoes absorbing water or clinging to dirt. Try the entire Gold Standard shoe care line to experience the peak of your shoe game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Easy and clear

Applies nicely and didn’t change the color of my brand new white canvas sneakers. I applied the spray to my new sneakers right out of the box. All I have had to do when they got some dirt on them (we walked 26 miles in Key West in 2 days) was brush it off. I did have to use a damp rag to remove my husband’s shoe print when he stepped on my foot, but you would never know it was there. I wear those white sneakers several times a week and they still look brand new! Thank you and I will definitely use this on all my new sneakers going forward.

Rose VRose V
Didn't really work for me

It might have been the material of my shoes, but this didn't work for me. I sprayed 1 layer and left it on for an hour and then sprayed another layer to let it dry overnight. I put a little water to see if it worked and it completely went through. Not only that, it also attracts dirt like crazy. Doesn't help that my shoes are white either. I'm going to try this on another pair to see if it works and then update.

Niki L.
Nice to have

Like it. It works that we use for our new running shoes.


Good spray. Worked well on white canvas sneakers


Smells soooooo good!